Friday, December 5, 2014

Wrong Purchase!

My Mommy (the adoptive human one) bought a new purse recently.  This purchase proves that humans should not be allowed to shop without their dogs with them. That is probably why most stores don't allow dogs to enter-dogs wouldn't let their humans buy stupid stuff..  Don't get me wrong.  She needed a new purse, and the one she got is nice, but it has a name on it, and that name is Jessica Simpson.  My Mommy's name is not Jessica Simpson.  I'm not even sure which Simpson Jessica is---is she the one who is always "eating" a pacifier?  When I saw that purse, I took Mommy aside and suggested she take it back to the store and get a different one with her own name (or a nameless purse) instead.  Did she listen?  No, she did not.  This is why the landfills are so full of useless junk.  You can sell the humans almost anything.  They are incredibly stupid.  Should they be in charge of buying our treats?  This dog doesn't think so!

Demon Flash Bandit (Wrong Purse)

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