Sunday, December 7, 2014

Snowy: Star of New Show on My Network

As the head of programming at the Demon Flash Bandit Broadcasting Network, I am pleased to announce a new program that will be airing soon on The Dog Channel.  The new show is called,  Snowy's Nineteen Puppies, and it is a reality show based on the real Great Dane in Pennsylvania who gave birth to 19 puppies recently.  I have to admit that I got the idea from that reality show on TLC that features a human familly with 19 or 39 human puppies.  I suspect they aren't sure of the number because they probably lost count after the first 11.  Of course, that is about all the shows will share in common since Snowy is a dog, and therefore, a much more intelligent parent than the human variety.  The puppies are adorable, and I'm sure the viewers will find them much more fun to watch then a bunch of human puppies who mainly eat and sleep for the first year of their life-very much like us dogs when we are adults.  Snowy will be homeschooling the puppies so the humans watching the show might learn something.  One lesson is how to catch a mouse as easily as a cat does.  That particular lesson was very useful to me the last time I was in the yard and I caught a mouse!  My humans were so pleased with me.  They told me I was a good boy and then they took the mouse before I even got a chance to taste it!  I bet they wanted to eat it themselves.

I really don't know why the humans would attempt to have so many children.  They seem to have enough trouble taking care of themselves, but I think there are simpler ways to learn to count than to continue having babies.  Perhaps that Count from Sesame Street could give them some pointers.  I'm glad my humans didnt' think like the Duggars.  I would be tired if I had to keep a watch on so many humans.  It would be exhausting.

Demon Flash Bandit (Announcing  New Television Show)

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