Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Movie Review: Frank

My brother bought the movie, Frank, on blu-ray, and I watched it with Mommy yesterday.  This movie is about a musical group of eccentric characters which stars Michael Fassbender, Dunhnall Gleeson, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.  The main character, Jon, is a musician who writes music, and he happens by sheer luck (good or bad is up to the watcher) to end up the keyboard player in the group.  The group is not your usual musicians because the main guy, Frank, wears a giant head.  He looks like a big, real life bobblehead.  The movie depicts them spending a lot of time recording an album which has a lot of experimental music which sounds like techno music to me.  The music wasn't the greatest, but it was okay.  The Howling Huskies are better (of which I am the lead howler).

The movie was based on a real life comic character, Frank Sidebottom, who was actually Chris Slevey from Great Britain.  I don't know if it is good that is is based on a real person or was based on a ficitious one.  There was a serious shortage of dogs in this film which made it less palatable than other films.  The movie is okay, but it gets kind of boring at times.  How much can you enjoy listening to a bunch of would be performers practicing their songs?  Some of those songs aren't particularly good so that is not fun.

On my doggy movie scale, I give it a growl.  I sould suggest that your time could be better spent either napping (my activity of preference) or by watching a good movie--Snow Dogs and Eight Below come to mind.  However, any of the dog movies would be better.  On the human movie scale, I give it a 5 1/2.  I do think that a psychiatrist would have been a welcome addition to that group of humans!

Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Critic)

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