Thursday, December 11, 2014

Buses Need to be Stopped

Did you know that children are carried to school on buses named "Bluebird"?  I'm sure the humans think nothing about it, but this dog knows that it is subtle "brainwashing" of the humans when they are  just wee puppies to make them think birds are safe and good.  Sure, it sounds okay.  The mommy human puts the human puppy on the bus, hardly noticing that the bus is a "blue bird".  However,  the child grows up thinking that birds are not going to hurt them, and are safe and good.  This is part of their plan for world domination.....get the humans to think that birds are benevolent, nice creatures and then unleash the BTO (Bird Take Over).  There are  some dogs, even with our genius brains compared to that of the humans, who are fooled by birds.  If they can fool a dog, you know that fooling the human is a piece of cake....I'll have mine with ice cream.....thank you.  Therefore, I am going to bark before congress about the need to legally change the name of the buses from Blue Bird to Evil Bird.  With a name like Evil Bird, some of the humans (albeit a small amount of them) might actually see what the birds are planning.  By the way when I become President, I will make a cabinet of dogs to check into things like this that might have slipped by us dogs.  I also plan to put my pals from Texas, Whitley and Finley in charge of squirrel control.  I'm sure they would do a great job.  By the way, Mommy has a new cousin in Plano, Texas named Colleen.  She is a sweet little human puppy who is lucky to be born into a great family---yes, the family has dogs.  I said they were great, didn't I?

Demon Flash Bandit (Blue Bird Buses Need to be Stopped)


  1. Me and Finley would be honored to serve as your rodent exterminators.

    And congrats to your family on lil Colleen - we's neighbors! And Colleen are momma's sister's middle name, so dey picked a good one.

  2. I'm doing my best to help by eating all the birdie bread Dad leaves out.
    Then, if they do dare to venture in to MY garden, I chases them !!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx