Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Should Have Been Governor

There was a recent election in the United States.  This one was not a Presidential election so I was not officially running for office.  As usual, I will be throwing my paw into the mix in 2 years.  I was a bit disappointed with the outcome of the governor's race in Michigan.  Although I was not officially running, I was sure that I would become governor due to a large percentage of write in votes.  The incumbent won so that means there will be 4 more years of a human in office.  When are the humans going to get smart and vote dogs in office instead?  Then they wonder why they have so many problems.  Dogs are smarter and more efficient, and we would get things done.  There are homeless dogs out there and the humans can't seem to fix the problem.  There are plenty of humans who need dogs and just don't realize they do because they are stupid humans. I would pass a law to educate those humans so they aren't so stupid anymore.  Anyway, it won't be long until I will be starting my campaign for the presidency; but until then, I will continue to blog about things of interest to me.

Demon Flash Bandit (I Should Have Been Elected the Govdogenator)


  1. Khome to PAWSylvania!

    We will have a WOLF in the governor's mansion khome JanWOOary!

    And he's a 'D' too!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom swears to dog there is a parallel universe to what we live in - how sooooo many humans khould have voted fur the stupid one on Tuesday - I think maybe there are khats in the voting booth

  2. I agree that a dog in charge would be a much much better idea
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx