Monday, November 3, 2014

Dogs: Experts on Bones

Mommy has been watching a television program called Bones.  With a title like that, I got all excited.  I knew it had to be a great show.  I assumed it would be hosted by and starring dogs.  Who else knows more about bones than a dog?  You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the show is written by and starring humans.  Sure, there is one episode with a dog, but the dog isn't even the center of attention, and he gets euthanized at the end of the show.  I did not approve of that ending, but the poor dog was a victim of stupid humans which, sadly, happens too much in real life.  The show is  a documentaryy about a forensic anthropologist who is an expert in bones.  It is erroneous since the "expert" is a human, and only a dog would be smart enough to specialize in bones.  I have eaten so many bones in my life, that I can tell you all about the animal from which the bone is derived by taste alone.  The humans in the show never even once have eaten a bone.  If you have never eaten a bone, how can you know anything about them?  I'm sure the humans find the show enjoyable, but I don't recommend it for dogs.  Just nap while your humans watch it!

Demon Flash Bandit (Bone Expert)

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