Saturday, November 1, 2014

Aliens: Do They Exist or Not?

A lot of the humans here in the United States talk about how "illegal aliens" are sneaking across our borders to live here and take our jobs.  I don't quite see the problem with the "taking the jobs" part because, as a dog, I prefer not to work.  I sit back and let the humans take care of me, and it is a system that I like.  I wasn't aware that the average American wanted to pick grapes or work in a car wash, but for those humans, I can see why they are so upset.  My biggest issue is that I don't understand about aliens in the first place.  I wasn't aware that aliens could be "legal".  I would think that it would be hard to sneak into this country.  Wouldn't someone see the spaceship and notice strange, unhuman looking characters getting out of it?  Since I am unaware of any legal aliens, how did the illegal ones manage to sneak in here?  I don't think they posess superior intelligence since they are travelling millions of miles to pick produce.  Maybe they don't have produce on their planet, and they are trying to steal our seeds to take back to their planet--planet What's Its Name. If you should see an alien, try to get a photo.  I'm sure you  will be able to see it to a tabloid for a lot of cash.

Demon Flash Bandit (Taking a Stand on Political Issues)


  1. BOL. Are aliens related to birds since dey fly too??

  2. BOL!
    My growlmy *is* a legal resident alien...for almost 3 decades..and she still shows other peeps her little antennae sometimes...
    The peeps at the border are always more than willing to let her go back and forth each time she travels, like later this week, and they just take a glance at her green card...don't know why its called green, it is white, really...but it did cost a lot of green papers to acquire...and then they wave her through. Those same border peeps give her more grief ovfur the noms fur myself and will even steal them if they do not have the right words on know, Made In The USA...