Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fake Dogs Vs. Squirrels

I have not written for a couple of days because I have been on a mission to get the squirrel who dropped (threw) an acorn at my nose.  I decided to spend time studying different strategies that countries have used in time of war to win the advantage.  Although asking my dog friends to come over and help me catch a squirrel would be met with enthusiasm, I know that their humans might not be able to survive without them so I had to come up with a practical plan to get those squirrels on the run.  The ancient Greeks had a great idea when they gave the people of Troy a giant horse with soldiers hidden inside.  In World War 1, the humans came up with the idea of "dummy tanks" which were tanks which were made of wood or "inflatable".  They weren't widely used until World War 2, both the armies used them as decoys to fool the enemy into thinking that there were more tanks than there actually were.  In keeping with the spirit of the inflatable tanks. I invented an inflatable dog, and now my yard is being guarded by inflatable Siberian Huskies.  I bet that squirrel will think twice before he throws an acorn at my nose.  For those who want to read more about the tanks, here is the site:

For those who are interested, I plan to market these dogs!

Demon Flash Bandit
(Fake Dogs Vs. Squirrels)

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