Sunday, November 2, 2014

Humans Should Not Clean a Dog's Cave

My humans have been doing the unthinkable today--they have been cleaning out my cave!  They started the cleaning without my permission, and without asking Angel Zoom Smokey either, and she likes to hang out in the cave too.  Therefore, we both have toys, bones, and extra special things that the humans don't need to know about in there.  I suspect that the unknown stuff is one reason the humans clean out the cave every now and then.  I think the cave should be off limits to the humans. Maybe if they were armed with a search warrant, I would allow it, but they had no such paperwork.  They said Angel and I are hoarders, and they said it like it is an insult when it should be a compliment.  I've watched those hoarders shows on television, and I don't see any thing wrong with the way they live.  Many of them have dogs, and the dogs don't seem upset with the stuff in the house.   In fact, some of the dogs probably enjoy it because if they have an accident in the house, the humans don't even know about it.  Those lucky dogs don't have to worry about being given a bath either.  Many times the bathtub in the house is unusable which, if you ask a dog, is how it should be.  Now that the humans have cleaned out my cave.  Angel and I will have to start decorating it all over again.  It is a shame that just when a dog gets his cave the way he wants it, the humans ruin it.  If it wasn't for them feeding me, I would be super mad at them!

Demon Flash Bandit (Leave my Cave Alone)

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