Saturday, February 8, 2014

Demon Flash Bandit: Problem Solver

According to the news reports, the state of California is experiencing a major drought.  As usual, if you want a problem solved, you need to find a dog because we dogs are geniuses.  I have already solved the drought problem for California.  Bring a semi truck to my house and there is enough snow piled up on my driveway to solve their drought problem  I'll admit that the snow from the driveway will probably only take care of Los Angeles, but the snow from the rest of the yard will provide enough water for the entire state.  It is quite a sacrifice for a husky to give up snow, but I'm sure we will be getting some more judging by how generous Mother Nature has been so far this year.
I do expect to receive a nice package of doggy treats from Sacramento as compensation for my generosity. In the future, perhaps the humans will think more rationally about trying to have millions of humans live in a desert.  If the humans thought like me, most of them would be moving to Alaska.

Demon Flash Bandit (Problem Solver)  


  1. Dis r a GWATE idea, DFB! Den I can send yu sum ob my snowz tu make up fur da stuff yu send tu CA cuz I kno' yu wuff snowz eben more dan I du!

  2. Dere is a lot more desert than not in California, dat's troo....

  3. I shall add my snow to that which you send off too...sheeshh we even gots more today...sigh...I don't think the snow machine knows it is supposed to have an off switch.

  4. Momma says, just don't send it here (P.S. - I says we could use some!)