Friday, August 2, 2013

Whose Brilliant Idea Was it to put Humans in Charge?

I know it has been devastating for my readers that I have not written a blog in a couple of days, but I got a new computer, and a dog had no idea how to turn it on. Why do all the computer humans always have to change things? Are they trying to annoy a dog? I did write one blog which ended up lost in cyberspace, and I blame the birds for that. Whether birds are at fault or not, I've found that it makes a dog feel better to blame them. I hate to report bad news, but the new royal baby, George Alexander Prince, has not shown up for any royal duties. He just lays around resting, and napping, and I suspect that he is not going to pull his weight as part of the royal family. After chatting with the Queen's Corgis, who had a lot of interesting things to bark about the new baby, they have come to the conclusion that that the royal baby is about as useless as any other human baby. A puppy would already be running around the house and feeding himself by now. How did the humans ever get put in charge of the Earth? We dogs will never know how that happened! I've got to go now and take a nap. I've been up for about half and hour so I need to rest. Demon Flash Bandit

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