Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Movie Review: Smurfs 2

I went to see Smurfs 2, and the movie was the smurfiest movie I've seen in a very long time.  Okay, it was the smurfiest movie since Smurfs 1 was released!  The movie starts with Smurfette ready to celebrate her birthday (the Smurfs were planning a surprise party for her), and she was depressed because she thought they had forgotten her birthday.  I'm guessing she was also upset about getting a year older--you know how the females are about birthdays!  Meanwhile, Gargamel had created some potential new Smurfs, but he couldn't quite make them Smurfs until he got the special formula from Smurfette that Papa Smurf has used to turn her into a Smurf.  This movie introduced 2 new characters called the "Naughties", and their names are Vexy and Hackus.  Papa Smurf leads a small group of Smurfs into the "real world", and depends on the help of their human friends to get Smurfette back from Gargamel.  I can't tell you how it turns out, but let's just say that it is smurfenturous, and smurftastic!   I must add that Azrael, the cat, was hilarious in the movie. 

I give it 4 "blue" paws up, some tail wags, some "blue" kisses, and a tummy rub which is a 10 out of 10 on  the human movie scale.   Go and see this movie.  You'll be smurfed that you smurfed it!

Demon Flash Bandit ( Honorary Smurf Because of my Blue Eyes)

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