Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nabisco Guilty of Cheating Customers out of Cookie Cream!

Stop the presses!!!! I've always wanted to write that line.  It gives a dog the feeling of empowerment!  What is so serious that the presses have to be stopped and the whole subject of this blog is being changed because of a news item of major importance?  The  item in the news is about Nabisco, who has marketed their Oreos as "double stuff" which makes them  guilty of false advertising.  A teacher in New York, who specializes in teaching math, and who I strongly suspect is a dog, has calculated the amount of cream in the Oreo cookies, and the cookies only have 1.86 percent of the cream versus the normal non-double stuff Oreo.  What does this mean to the average dog?  It means that we are being cheated out of .14% of the cream that we are supposed to be getting!  This makes me mad and it makes Angel Zoom Smokey even madder because Angel is very fond of double stuff Oreo vanilla cookies.  Whenever, the humans bring them out, Angel starts begging for the human cookies.  She says they are even more delicious that milkbones, and after trying them myself, I do agree with her conclusion.  I am planning on discussing this matter with a lawyer to see about suing Nabisco for cheating us dogs out of our cream.  If you are also outraged by this information, get in touch with me at  Do I smell a potential class action lawsuit.  Yes, I think I do!  Here is the link to the story:

Demon Flash Bandit (Consumer "Watchdog")

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