Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Science Can Be Interesting!

Why are so many American children lagging behind the rest of the world in the subject of science?  I can tell you the reason because, being a dog, I not only understand the reason, but I am going to share it in order to make life a better place for everyone.  Science is boring.  For example, look at the periodic table,  It is made up a "chemical elements"-not one of which holds any interest for a dog.  They are thinking of adding another one---ununpentium.  Ununpentium does not exist, but it sounds like something you would put in a computer.  To heighten the humans (and dogs) interest in science, I would suggest you make a few changes to the curriculum, and start with the periodic table.  Here is my suggestion for the new periodic table:

Bacon, cheese, hamburger, steak, salmon, ribs, ham, roast beef, fish, Swedish Fish, etc. 

I guarantee you that a periodic table with food on it would grab a dog's interest.  I have yet to meet a dog who cares anything about the  periodic table the humans are using now!

Demon Flash Bandit (Science Dog)

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