Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another Genius Idea from the Mind of Demon Flash Bandit

Since the United States post office has been having financial problems, this dog is happy to learn that I have solved those problems for them. According to news on the Internet, the post office takes photos of every piece of mail that goes through their processing centers. You can't imagine the pleasure I received when I realized that, the only reason they are taking photos of every piece of mail is because this dog does both send and receive mail. I'm sure some highly intelligent human at the post office (or perhaps the humans got some sense and appointed a dog as postmaster general) realized that selling mail with my name on it on ebay would generate a huge profit from my fans. Who wouldn't want a letter with my name on it? I bet one would sell for billions and billions of dollars which would save the post office from their financial problems. Once again, another problem solved by Demon Flash Bandit, genius dog! Demon Flash Bandit (Another Genius Idea from my Mind)

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