Monday, August 26, 2013

Metric System Replaced By Demon Flash Bandit Dog System!

There is an item on msn news today-a clip about why the United States should use the metric system for weights and measurements like the rest of the world.  They asked for comments so this dog is going to give my opinion.  Keep in mind, that the clip has a human standing up for the metric system; and my opinion will be that of a dog so that alone makes my opinion more important.  Here is the link so you will know what I'm commenting on:

The video points out that France under Napoleon came up with the metric system.  We don't like Napoleon, and for those of you who have seen the movie, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, you will understand that he was a jerk in the movie.  He was also a "short, dead dude" so why would we care about anything he endorsed.?
The best thing about the United States is that we have freedom to do whatever we want.  This is hard for people in some countries to understand, but it is something that all Americans hold very dear to our hearts.  If the government could tell us how to measure things, the next thing you know they will be telling us that you can't carry your gun with you everywhere or that you can't wear white shoes after Labor Day (sorry, I guess the white shoes part is already a rule).  I think the non metric system makes a lot more sense anyway.   When you measure a "foot', you know  the average size of a person's foot so it makes sense.  Just how long is the average meter?  I thought meters were contraptions that are used to measure electric and gas usage and cab fares.  Look at the temperature.  F makes combines fairness with height to let you know how the weather will be for the day.  What is a Celsius?  Who knows.  It sounds like a disease that a dog wouldn't want to catch! 

For those of you who think both systems lack creativity, I have a new system that could be adopted by countries the world over.  I have named it the Demon Flash Bandit Dog System.  It starts with my paw as the  main measurement.  Just think how much cuter it would sound if a guy walked into a restaurant and ordered a paw full of water, and a paw plate of food.  Wouldn't that sound adorable? 

Anyway, I am tired of politicians and scientists thinking that their opinion matters.  I can't think of  a dog who has asked either group what they think, and dogs are important.  In fact, they are more important because they are DOGS!!!!  American humans have the right to live in the past, and continue doing things the way they have been done since the turn of the century.  I say, keep the system we have. 

Demon Flash Bandit (Against the Metric System)

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