Sunday, July 28, 2013

Psycho Dog Television Show

Now we take you to a taping of the new television show, Psycho Dog: Psycho Dog Theme Song: Whose that dog who takes no guff? Whose that dog whose really tough? Whose that dog who rules the humans? Psycho Dog, Psycho's psycho dog! Psycho Dog (after overhearing that the humans have an appointment for him with the veterinarian who is going to cut off his....WHAT? Psycho dog gets his doggy pistol and shoots the human, taking care of removing the same item from the human. Next scene: In hospital emergency waiting room, there is the human's family and Psycho Dog. Psycho Dog: Let this be a lesson to humans who want to take a dog's balls. This was inspired by the fake television show, Psycho Dad, which used to be on Married With Children. I don't know thy they never made that show, but I think Psycho Dog could be even better! Demon Flash Bandit (Not Psycho Dog)

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