Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gog: Cave Dog

There once was a time many, many moons ago, before humans evolved from the Neanderthal man to modern man--about 3 minutes ago-when dogs and humans were not friends.  Dinosaurs ruled the Earth.   The dinosaurs were big, ferocious, and friendly.  They kept annoying the humans by coming to their doors and knocking and wanting to visit.  The humans couldn't get anything done.  Then the worst happened, Alexander Graham Saurus invented the telephone.  Now the dinosaurs weren't just knocking at the humans cave doors, but they were calling them on the phone trying to sell them stuff that they didn't need like umbrella hats.  The worst part was that men didn't think they needed them, but then it rained, and they realized that they could have used to hat to catch rain to drink.  Because of the umbrella hats, dinosaurs became the humans' best friends, but the problem was that humans were the dinosaur's favorite snack which almost led to the extinction of the humans.  Then dogs came along, They started making fun of the dinosaurs-like the size of the T-Rex's arms.  The dinosaurs were very sensitive to teasing so they ran off and ended up jumping into some tar pits that they thought was a swimming pool.  I think this shows that the dinosaurs weren't any smarter than the humans.  The dogs came in and stopped the telemarketing calls by chewing the telephone cord, and barking at anyone who came to the door.  However, thanks largely to a billboard campaign put together by Gog, the famous cave dog who is considered the reason humans and dogs are friends, we dogs now join with many of the humans which happens to be the luckiest thing that ever happened  to humans in human history!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Gog, Cave Dog)

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