Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fortune Cookie Uncanny Accuracy and Protest at Wendy's HQ

I have written several times in previous blogs about the accuracy of fortune cookie preditions. Now I have a story to share with you from the news about a man whose fortune cookie predicted he would soon come into a lot of gold so he bought a lottery ticket which won a million dollars. Here is the link: By the way, if you have any fortune cookies laying around that you don't want, send them to me, Demon Flash Bandit at this address: Demon Flash Bandit United States. I'm sure that is all the post office needs to get the packages directly to me since I'm such a famous dog! I have an important announcement involving Wendy's restaurants. The local ones have been giving out reduced fat sour cream, and it has happened more than once so I doubt that it is a mistake. What are fast foods coming to when a dog gets reduced fat items at the restaurants? If you want healthy food, go to the Tufu and Soybean Chain...oh yeah, you can't go there because no self respecting dog--or human with normal taste buds wants to eat that crap. I know I am being a bit harsh here, but we are talking about a LOW FAT item. Even Yogi Bear, in his movie, pointed out that low fat mayonaise does not taste as good as regular mayo, and he learned that from stealing so many pic-a-nic baskets. I think Yogi probably holds the record for the most pic-a-nic baskets stolen from the humans so he should know. I'm sure he would not approve of low fat sour cream either. Since this is a serious issue, I think there should be some mass protesting at Wendy's headquarters. Chihuahuas and other little dogs, you are in front with your protest signs, and us bigger dogs will be behind you! Demon Flash Bandit (Protesting Low Fat Sour Cream)

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