Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dentists: Dogs Don't Need Them!

My Mommy went to the dentist yesterday, and I aprove of her visit.  The humans teeth are sad compared to a dog's teeth.  We dogs keep our teeth in tip top shape by eating rawhide bones and milkbones.  Since you seldom see a human chowing down on either of those items, you know that their teeth will always need more dental work than that of a dog.  If only the humans could learn from their dogs, the humans wouldn't have to visit the dentist  so often.  However, you know that the humans seldom learng ANYTHING from their dogs.  This is why there aren't dentists for dogs...what do you mean that there are humans who are "doggy dentists"?   I wonder how many of the doggy dentists get special surprises from their "doggy patients"---you know the gift involving our teeth and their skin-perhaps that is the reason there aren't a lot of doggy dentists.LOL
Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Dentists)

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