Friday, April 12, 2013

Cats: Easy to Fool

I will start out this blog by stating that I happen to like cats.  I know some dogs don't care for them, but when I was a puppy, the human who owned my doggy parents had a lot of cats.  Therefore, I got used to having them around.  However, just because I like them does not mean that I don't enjoy teasing them on occasion which is why I'm writing today's blog.  I asked a cat over, and told him we had a "mouse" in the house.  No, there are no actual "mice" in the house, but there is a computer mouse.  I just didn't bother to specify the "breed" of the mouse.  The cat searched the house, and couldn't find any mice and then I showed the cat the computer mouse.  Did you know that many cats do not have a sense of humor at all?  I discovered this when the cat hissed at me and threatened to scratch my nose--like it is supposed to be my fault that dogs are smarter than cats!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Cat IQs)

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