Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Demon Flash Bandit, Business Owner, President, and CEO

I am proud to announce that I, Demon Flash Bandit, have started my own company of which I am the owner, the President, and the CEO.  For dogs who are interested in investing in my business, contact me for the business plan and the growth and expansion plans.  What is my business, you may ask?  I am planning to sell used McDonalds buns.  Everyday I have McDonalds burgers and everyday, I seldom eat the buns because I prefer the hamburger meat.  Therefore, I have been saving the buns, and Mommy recently found my stash, and was going to throw them away--yes THROW THEM IN THE TRASH!  As usual, the humans have no business sense.  There are plenty of animals would buy those buns and enjoy them.  Therefore, I decided to go into business so that I could keep my human from throwing my inventory away.  I had to do some fast barking, but I managed to persuade her to let me try running my own business for awhile.  I will need some dogs who are willing to eat some meat out of the burgers everyday in order for the business to grow so I think I will be able to find many willing canines who will help me with this enterprise.  When I become a successful dogterpreneur, I will be available to mentor other dogs who want to go into business for themselves.  I've got to go now and see if www.usedmcdonaldsbuns.com is available.  By the way, the older buns will be going for a higher price because they are nice and crunchy!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogterpreneur)

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