Friday, April 26, 2013

Cotton Gin: Great Invention

I have decided to write my blog today about an important inventor in history.  There was a time in history when the humans could drink only regular gin.  Regular gin is an alcoholic beverage that is made from wheat or rye, and flavored with, among other things, juniper berries.  That continued  until Eli Whitney came along and invented  "cotton gin".  Whitney was a genius who realized that mixing liquor with cotton candy flavor would be very popular, and he was right on target since his new invention changed the world!  The only problem with this new invention was that the human puppies liked it too.  The adult humans, not wanting to share their drink with the children, outlawed children from drinking cotton candy gin during the time in history which was called Probition.  (We dogs have the same problem with the humans hoarding chocolate and "claiming" it isn't good for us!)  That is when children had to go to "speak easies" to get their cotton candy fix.  In fact, this is how Al Capone got put in prison because he was convicted of serving alcohol to miners.  There was the big riot in Chicago when the miners, carrying signs on their shovels that said, "give me gin or give me cotton candy".   This is how amusement parks were invented.  They started by serving non-alcholic cotton candy to children and they started adding rides to amuse the children when they weren't eating the cotton candy.  I think there should be an Eli Whitney Day in his honor since he did invent such an important invention!

Demon Flash Bandit (Writing About a Great Inventor)

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