Thursday, April 4, 2013

Demon Flash Bandit: Drafted by the NFL

I have been invited to play on the NFL so naturally, as soon as the invitation arrived, I had to let my blog readers know about my good fortune.  As you can imagine, I am super excited to be invited to play in the league.  It is every dog's dream to be asked to play on the National Furry League!  We dogs just can't resist the applause of the humans when we run out on the field  to play with the other dogs.  Some breeds like the Chinese Crested do not think it is fair because they aren't considered furry enough to play in the NFL. However, NFL does have furry in the title, and Chinese Crested  don't have near as much fur as the average dog.  Life is not always fair.   I have already informed my humans that no baths will be given before I play because they would compromise my furriness, and I don't like baths anyway.  I hope the game is soon because I am very excited over the prospect of running onto the field and shaking my furry butt for the humans.

Demon Flash Bandit (Drafted by NFL-National Furry League)

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