Thursday, August 12, 2010

3-D Televisions

Mommy went to see the movie, Dinner for Schmucks, and she said it was a very funny movie. I think this movie is going to be very popular with cats when it arrives on DVD since one of the characters dresses dead mice. I think a cat would probably find it interesting to eat a mouse that is wearing a suit. I wonder--do you think the other cats who haven't seen the movie will believe him?
Charles the Cat: I ate a mouse yesterday who was wearing a tuxedo and top hat. Ginger the Skeptical cat: Sure you did, and I ate one wearing pajamas.
Of course, Ginger did not eat a mouse wearing pajamas, but there is no way she is going to look like she is eating ordinary mice when Charles is eating high class mice.

My subject for today is movies made in 3-D. Since 3-D is becoming very popular, and many movies are being made in the 3-D format, it makes this dog wonder if the humans are going to spend the money to buy the new 3-D televisions that are on the market now. Personally, this dog prefers the old technology where you don't need to buy a new television, but the humans have to wear really silly looking paper glasses that make their dogs laugh and laugh. It also makes me wonder if humans like my Mommy will be willing to wear the glasses if she bought the television. Mommy hates to wear reading glasses and most of the time she doesn't wear them which explains why there are missed typos in my blog because she won't wear the reading glasses. It also makes me wonder about dogs. Can we see the movie in 3-D if we wear the glasses? I'm not sure I would like to wear glasses. I think I might have the same attitude as Mommy. Will they even manufacture 3-D glasses that will fit dogs? It is sad that I can't see Snow Dogs or Eight Below in 3-D. I think those are both wonderful movies.

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