Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ice Cream CEO

It has been hot here, and this dog looks forward to his nightly serving of ice cream. When I say ice cream, I mean ice cream not some doggy version of ice cream. Some dogs do like Frosty Paws. However, I was with my humans when I was a little puppy, they went through drive through and Daddy ordered an ice cream cone for Mommy. As Daddy was handing the ice cream to Mommy, it was intercepted by me, Demon Flash Bandit, and I got a taste of that delicious sweet cold vanilla ice cream, this dog was not settling for a doggy substitution of that delicious bit of heaven. I know what real ice cream tastes like and that is what I want.

This brings me to a story from Mommy's childhood. Mommy is not a young person. In fact, she is so old that if she were a dog, she would have exited this plane of existence a long time ago. Most of us dogs are familiar with the ice cream trucks that go through the neighborhoods in the summer that play music and kids can stop them and buy ice cream. I would love to stop them myself, but when a dog is on a leash, you can't just run and stop the truck anytime you want a nice cold tasty ice cream. Evidently, when Mommy was young, there were actually men who went through her neighborhood on foot pushing a cart filled with ice cream. This peaked my interest because, since I am a sled dog, I am very strong, and I know I could pull a small freezer full of ice cream since it is on wheels and would be easy to pull. I once pulled a shed as a puppy. Yes, my humans learned that, even as a puppy, I can pull a lot of weight. Anyway, if I could locate one of these treasures, I could carry ice cream with me everywhere I go so that myself and my friends could have a snack anytime we want. In fact, this dog could even go into business as an ice cream dog. I'm not sure if I would make any money after helping myself to the product, but at least I would love my work. I already have a toy store on the Internet ( and I could be wrong, but I think I am the only dog operating a human toy store on the Internet. Stop by and visit whether you buy or not---I have a blog about toys on there too, and I think it is brilliant and very entertaining. I hope I can locate one of those freezers on wheels and start a new business. Maybe I can trick Angel Zoom Smokey into doing the work for me. She can be the hired employee and I can be the CEO. It is just that kind of business plan that has made me the successful dog I am now. I just hope Angel Zoom Smokey doesn't read this blog!
Demon Flash Bandit (Ice Cream CEO)

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