Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One of My Dog Friends Has a Website!!!!!

One of my doggy pals is a business dog who owns a webstore that I want to share with my readers. The address is: In fact, it is a great site to visit because there is more to it than just a store. Be sure and stop in and visit. By the way, Destiny has a dog partner named Chance. If you are a dog reading this, I'm sure you would love to try some of the treats. You know that a business is run well when it is owned by a dog. The humans just don't have the dog sense to run a business properly.

I checked over the news today, and I was one angry dog!!! I have written a couple of blogs in the last week explaining how birds have caused all the earthquakes and hurricanes. I stopped by today and discovered that human "scientists" have given reasons for the weather that encompass everything but the real cause which is birds. I don't know whether scientists have been paid off by birds, if the scientists are birds in disguise (I really doubt that birds are smart enough to get by without being caught), or if the scientists are just stupid. Since they are human, it would not surprise me if they are stupid. I want to know what the doggy scientists have to say because I'm sure that they will agree with me and say that birds are at fault. I hope the planet survives because the humans are so easy for the birds to fool!

Demon Flash Bandit (Upset Over "Weather" News)

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