Friday, August 19, 2011

M&Ms in Space!

I'm sorry about not writing a blog yesterday. I have a human secretary, and she had "something important to do yesterday". What could be more important than staying home and writing my blog? Next she will be expecting to go on vacation. This dog did not say anything about vacations when I hired my human. It isn't that I'm against vacations as long as I get to go along. However, I am not about to say anything about a "paid vacation" since I have no intention of paying my humans to work for me. I have important things to do with my money--like buying dingo bones and treats. I have forgiven my secretary since she did come home with McDonalds hamburgers for Angel Zoom Smokey and myself along with some delicious human peanut butter cookies and dingo bones. At least she knows how to buy our affection!

In my last blog, I wrote about the collectible Star Trek Captain Kirk M&M. After I wrote the blog, I started thinking about how maybe that is the "real" Captain Kirk. Perhaps he wasn't human at all, but he was actually a big M&M. I can't think of a better ambassador of good will throughout the galaxy than a giant M&M. Sure, I guess you could have someone like Twinkie the Kid, the Keebler Elf, or Captain Crunch represent Earth, but an M&M is still an excellent choice. There have been many brave M&Ms in space that remind me of characters from the movie Star Wars. I have an address for you to watch a M&Ms commercial in which they are characters from the Addams Family television show. The address is: This causes me to conclude that it is really M&Ms that are "running the universe", and humans are copying them. If you ask this dog, the humans aren't doing a great job of mimicking the M&Ms. I wonder if the M&Ms are going to end up getting mad and annihilating the humans. I hope not since we dogs do tend to like the humans even if they are silly. We like M&Ms too, but for a totally different reason. It is our taste buds that like M&Ms!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing M&M candies)

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