Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Dog is Watching the Sheep!

Today I am going to examine a "fairy tale" that many human children have heard over the years. The tale is that of a shepherd boy who continues going back to his village to tell the villagers that a wolf is after the sheep. Of course, this is not true, but when a wolf finally does come and attack the herd, no one in the village believes him so his lies hurt his credibility when it was important for the other humans to believe him. I guess some of the humans never learn that it is best to be honest with others. Of course, I am not fond of the fairy tales that make the wolf the villain. I think our cousins, the wolves, aren't really scary animals at all. As usual, the humans get paranoid and scare easily. Here is the real version of the story which you know is true because it is the version as told by us dogs.

There was once a young boy who was a shepherd. He was watching the sheep, but he got bored and decided to cause a bit of trouble to liven things up a bit. He went to the village and told everyone that a wolf was bothering the sheep. It was not a wolf at all, it was a German Shepherd dog who was doing a better job watching over the sheep than the boy ever could. When the villagers saw it was a dog, they told the boy he was stupid and laughed and laughed at how dumb he was. You might ask, what happened to that boy when he grew up? He went into politics. Obviously, his job as a shepherd prepared him well. I'm not sure, but I think he said something about going to a tea party so I guess politics is much more fun than watching sheep. He even gets to attend political parties.

Demon Flash Bandit (Boy Who Cried Wolf Over a Dog)

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