Saturday, August 6, 2011

Demon Flash Bandit in 3-D

My humans take my photo with their digital camera and post it on my various sites. The photos of me look okay, but with the advent of 3-D technology, I have been concerned that my viewers are only seeing me in 2-D. Therefore, I told my humans that they need to buy a new camera that will take my photos and that of Angel Zoom Smokey in 3-D so that our viewers can get the real "dog experience". Hollywood has filmed a bird movie (Rio) in 3-D and I won't even tell you my opinion of making a movie about birds. It was supposed to be a family movie, but even Hitchcock knew that if the movie involved birds, it is going to be a horror movie. I know I was too scared to even watch Rio. I think it is horrible for birds to be depicted as sweet, cute creatures. I'm quite sure that Rio must have been written and produced by birds to fool the humans. However, this blog is not about birds or bird movies, it is about seeing me in 3-D which I'm sure all my fans--which I'm quite sure must number in the millions-want. In fact, I'm amazed that one of the camera manufacturers hasn't sent me a 3-D camera free, but I can only assume it is because they don't know my address. In addition to my concern that my viewers aren't seeing me in 3-D, I'm not quite sure what 3-D actually is. I've asked other dogs and they have no idea either. I would ask the humans, but if a dog doesn't know, you know the humans will have no clue to the answer. I'm wondering if the people who see me in person are seeing me in 3-D. I think 3-D stands for 3-Dogs. I can't think of anything better for it to stand for. I suppose that means that whenever a photo is made, 3 dogs are added to the photo. No wonder all the studios are anxious to make movies in 3-D. Having 3 dogs added can only improve a movie!!! Everyone knows that!!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (3-Dog Technology)

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