Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DNA Testing for Kickapoo Joy Juice

I was watching a funny video from "funny or die" about dog DNA tests. I want to share it with my readers. Here is the address:
Many of the humans have had their dogs tested with these kits. All I can add about the video is that at least the dog DNA test didn't come back from the laboratory with the conclusion that the dog is a cat. That would be so embarrassing for a dog!

I have decided to share information about a product that can be purchased on amazon.com. In fact, I think you could probably buy a live dinosaur on amazon.com because they seem to have everything that has ever existed! Today's product is Kickapoo Joy Juice, which is a citrus type soft drink for the humans. I have no idea if it tastes good or not, but I love the name which came from the comic strip, Lil Abner. Have a guest over and ask them if they want a bottle of Kickapoo Joy Juice. I would wager that they will either laugh, think you are crazy, or both. I think I'll order one and save it to celebrate the day that birds are completely eradicated from the planet. I know it is an ambitious goal, but a dog can hope!

Demon Flash Bandit (Kickapoo Joy Juice and DNA Tests)

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