Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Hope for Life on Mars?

I have had the honor of being chosen as a diary pick on today. I have been writing on that site for many years. It is a great social network site for dogs and cats (cats have

I'm sure that I, like most dogs, sometimes wonder about the humans and their lack of sense. There was actually a news item today that said, "hope for life on Mars". If you ask this dog, I think it would be better if Mars has no life on it. It isn't like Mars has human like life or even dog like life. What are they hoping for: bacteria? What if Mars has some kind of killer bacteria? Don't we have enough problems with low life bacteria here on Earth without hoping it exists on other planets? Would they get excited about finding a new species of fleas on Mars? I bet they would. If you ask my opinion, they could round up every flea on Earth and send them to live or not live (which would be my preference) on Mars and this dog would be thrilled! If the big news agencies paid attention to the tabloids, they would know that according to the Weekly World News, aliens from the Planet Zeeba have set up bases in Antarctica from which to attack Earth. Do we really need to worry about Martians too? Perhaps there are human like Martians on Mars which we can't see for whatever reason (maybe they have advance technology which employs a cloaking device), and they are waiting to take over Earth. Obviously, the scientists who "hope" for life on Mars have not seen the many sci-fi movies where the aliens are annoying reptile like creatures who are disgusting.

Another upsetting item from the Weekly World News is about scientists making a alligator-chicken. I eat a lot of chicken, and I don't think I know of any dog who wants our chickens mixed with alligators. I am personally glad that I don't run the risk of running into an alligator when I go outside which is something that not all dogs can say. A dog in Florida might run into a gator anytime it goes outside. If you ask me, the scientists could be doing something more useful--like building spaceships to take all the fleas on planet Earth to Mars.

Demon Flash Bandit (Aliens Could be Trouble)

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