Thursday, August 4, 2011

Humans Want to Be Dogs and Bunnies

William Falkingham of Idaho Falls, Idaho has been asked by local police to quit dressing in his bunny costume because he is scaring the neighborhood children. I suppose children in Idaho must be terrified of bunnies. Sure, let tomatoes hang out in the town despite their reputation as killer tomatoes (check out the documentary movies on the subject--Attack of the Killer Tomatoes), but worry about a guy in a bunny suit. The only ones who should be upset about his outfit are the bunnies. Bunnies have a reputation for cuteness and cuddliness, and when a human starts dressing up as a bunny, it can ruin their reputation. Although it is complimentary for a human to dress up as a dog, and I can understand whey a human would want to be a dog, not all humans deserve the privilege of dressing in dog costumes. This is why I thought this story was odd. The humans are telling him not to dress up as a bunny when I've seen the humans dressed in things that no dog would ever even consider wearing. To help you understand what I'm barking about, go to this website if you dare:
Humans are out in public shopping wearing or "almost" wearing some of the most ridiculous things making the average dog lose his milkbones, and a town gets upset about a bunny suit? It makes no sense to this dog. I'm not saying the guy is normal, but personally, I would love to see a photo of all his outfits combined--the bunny suit with the cowboy outfit and tutu. Yes, at least I could have a good laugh at that outfit. Most of the ones at the website, people of walmart, just make a dog want to hide under the covers, and I'm a Siberian Husky. We don't tend to even like covers.

Demon Flash Bandit (Humans Just Want to Be Bunnies and Dogs)

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