Saturday, August 20, 2011

King Burger Should Keep His Crown!!!

I used to be a dog who would only eat hamburgers from Burger King until a couple of months ago when they messed up my order, and the employee was arguing with my human about how I couldn't order a stacker without condiments which is something that had been done a gadzillion times before. Since then, I have tried McDonalds, and I have decided that they are very good too so my human now gets my food at McDonalds. When the situation happened, I suspected that King Burger was having problems keeping his kingdom under control. As usual, I was right. The King Burger is being ousted from BK's advertising. I think this is a big mistake, and I was a loyal customer of Burger King for years. This dog was always barking about how wonderful their burgers tasted. However, I can only assume that much of my problem with the company was that they are not allowing King Burger to run his kingdom as he has successfully done for many years. They should have consulted me about some of their business moves before they made them. If they had, they might still have me, Demon Flash Bandit, as a customer of theirs instead of the competition. Sure, I know that many royal families don't really do much except use up their fellow citizens tax dollars, but King Burger was not like most royalty. He did commercials and gave out crowns for dogs to wear in photos while we eat Burger King burgers. I hope BK reconsiders because restaurant mascots are so important. Mommy said she used to live in a neighborhood with a hamburger place that had a donkey on top and a chicken on the top of another restaurant. That is the mark of a classy neighborhood--when the local restaurants have animals on top of their buildings. I have no idea why she no longer lives in such an elegant neighborhood! I think I would be happy eating at either restaurant.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing King Burger)

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  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti