Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene Caused by Birds!

After doing extensive research, I have discovered what causes hurricanes. They start in tropical areas--areas that have a lot of birds. The birds get together and flap their wings, thus causing heavy winds. The birds know that most of the humans will never be able to put the two events together--birds flapping wings and hurricanes--far too complicated for the humans. I'm a dog so I used my superior, genius doggy brain to figure out the cause of hurricanes. I knew that the birds must have something to do with hurricane Irene and all other hurricanes, but it even took me a couple of hours to do the research.

I don't think it is a coincidence that one of the articles in the news today is about birds and their link to illness. Here is the address of the article:
Yes, birds are spreading their bird based illness all over China and Vietnam. I hope the humans listen to us dogs about the birds and their evil before it is too late.

Finally, I have another internet site to share with you on the evilness of birds. I think it is written by a human so it gives a dog hope that some of the humans do listen when we tell them about birds. I will warn you that there is some bad language on the site so if that will offend you, don't go to the site. I think the human writing it is only using bad language because the birds have made him or her so mad. Humans often use such language when they are mad. The address is:
This site explains the evolution of birds and why they are so annoying today!

I am hoping that this gets published because I'm quite sure that there is probably a spy network of bird hackers that try to prevent important messages like this from being published.

Demon Flash Bandit (Exposing the Truth About Birds)

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