Saturday, December 2, 2017

:( Some Sad, Sad, Sad Days ahead. :(

:( Hello,

My Fellow Dog Bloggers Friends.

I know It's Been Awhile Since I Last Did a Blog About Roughly Little Under 5 Months Ago.

Let Me Explain Why I Took So Long to Write Back to you Dogs Out There.

My "Mommy/Secretary" Who Had Been Writing This Blog for the Last 7 or So Years Has Sadly Passed Away On (July 9, 2017) My Human Brother "William/Shelby" is Writing This Blog on Her Behalf of My "Mommy/Secretary" Now.

I Just Would Like to Say for All My Dogs & Humans Out Here on Behalf of My "Mommy/Secretary" My Mom as Well as My Two Human Brothers Would Like to Thank All of You Out There for Reading My Dog Blog for the Last 7 Years & Mom & Two Human Brothers Too.

Unfortunately for My Two Human Brothers They Do Not Have the Comedic Humor Like My Secretary Mommy Did.

This Will Probably Might Maybe Be The Last Blog Entry In Less My Older Brother's Writes for Me.

My Two Human Brothers are Taking Good Care of Me "Demon & Angel" Right Now.

Today Would Have Been My Mommy 62nd Woofday/Human Birthday Today on December 2, 2017

My Mommy's Facebook Page Links: If You Would Like to Comment Some Good Comments on My Mommy.

Thank You, The Readers Over the Years of Reading Me & My Mommy Blog Again Thanks. :(

"R.I.P. Mommy"

Monday, July 3, 2017

Offensive Twitter Post

Although I did run for president, and we huskies are excellent rummers.  I try not to write about politics, but some days it is impossible to avoid the subject.  Besides, I am still annoyed that No Name cheated me out of my job.   No name  has posted a video of him wrestling with a human  CNN.  Really???  He is suggesting that it is okay to violently attack a reporter!  His staff should give him a rawhide bone to chew, take the computer out of his paws, and lay him in his doggy bed.  The puppy obviously needs a nap.  He should not be allowed near a computer.  Humom and I have Twitter accounts, but we seldom use them.    It has a bird as a mascot.  I am sure my regular readers know that I don't trust birds.    This world would be a better place if dogs ran the world.  Even Angel Zoom Smokey treats other humans nicer than she treats me.  She said the humans don't eat her donut holes.
 I have one fact to add.  My campaign slogan was Leading the Pact.  No name's slogan was Making America Great Again.
America is s great country, but it is the people that made it great - not the president.

Demon Flash Bamdit

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Facebook: A Dog's Opinion

I meant to write yesterday, but humom was sick when she got home from dialysis.  She slept most of the day.  I won't wake her because she needed to sleep, and I am a good boy who loves my humom.  Now I can inform my many readers what I am thinking about today.  If a dog hasn't bothered to read their human friends status on Facebook   I will share a couple.  The names have been changed to protect the stupid.

Human 1   I am at the Walmart and I can't decide whether  to buy an orange shirt or the red shirt,  I will be wandering around the store all day.  .  Let me know what you think.
She bought the purple one.

Human 2. I rented a do it yourself septic cleaning truck.  It did not go well.  I recommend hiring a professional to do the job.
Did his friends need to read that status?  I was disgusted and, keep in mind, I am a dog.  I hope they didn't share photos.  Oh no, I wrote too soon.  They just poztrf photos.  Time to get off Facebook?

One day I was visiting George the Gator in  Florida, and he was on Facebook, but he called in a menu.

Yesterday Angel attacked me for no reason.  The humans gave each of us a donut hole and it was delicious.  Angel didn't eat hers  so I ate it.  She did not need to attack me.  The humans would have given her another one.  Angel suffers from  narcisistic bitch disorder.  I have to live with it because the humans have not taken her to a psychiatrist.

Demon Flash Bandit

Friday, June 30, 2017

Flowers for Humom

Another day another blog entry.  Today I am writing a sugary sappy sweet blog.  Diabetics:  be warned.  I went out for a walky and I wanted to do something  nice for humom.  She doesn't get out much except for her trips to dialysis.  From what I have overheard about that,  she does not have a good time there.  One of the nurses at dialysis gave humom a lovely bouquet and it made her happy.  I also remember hudad buying her flowers.
Lucky for me, there are yellow flowers that I have seen on my walkys.  I stopped for a minute to break the stem with my teeth.  I carried it home in my mouth and gave it to humom.  She was so pleased, and she thanked me for bringing her such a nice gift.  She said it was the most beautiful dandelion she has ever seen.  I didn't realize I brought her the king of the flowers.  I am glad I made her happy.  I love humom, and I am a good boy.

Demon Flash Bandit

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We love Johnny Depp Here

Angel Zoom Smokey and humom want to state that both of them are still  fans of Johnny Depp.  He is not a washed up loser.  He has more talent in his thumb than president whose name I will not say has in his entire body.  Obviously Depp has no plans to hurt president no name who is surrounded by secret service body guards.  Likewise, Depp is surrounded by fans.  I have no idea how much a bullet costs, but no name is not worth the cost of a bullet.  I use the words no name because i think he has trademarked his name and this dog isn't planning to be sued by no name.

I have kept quiet until now, but with his overreaction, it is time for me to be honest with my readers.  No name mentioned rigging the election, and he did.  He won because his supporters did not count the dog votes.  I won that election by a landslide.  I am also much nicer.  I do not run around writing nasty things about the humans.  No name cannot be trusted because he has no pets.  I don't know how the humans could vote for a man with no pets.  This proves that I should be President Demon Flash Bandit.

Demon Flash Bandit

Monday, June 26, 2017

No Ugly Dogs

Congratulations to Martha, the Neapolitan Mastiff that was named Ugliest Dog of 2017.  The contest is held yearly at a fair in California.  Of course, there are no igly dogs.  It is one of those ironic names the humans like to bestow on other humans and pets.  My first name, Demon is ironic because I am a good boy.  On the other paw, so is Angel:s name.  Since she reads my blog, that is all I am going to say about ANGEL.

My town celebrated the annual Balloonfest this weekend.  It does look nice when all the hot air  balloons are released. There are other activities to do on the grounds.  I stayed home with humom who can't go to events like that.  My brother, Jeff went, and he had a good time.  That makes me think of the people who say, a good time was had by all.  This  is never true unless it is a small group of humans.  I don't care how much fun an event can be for its guests, there will always be that one human who will never have a good time. Those are the humans who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of depression.  Humans are an odd group.

My neck is better.  Thank you for all your prayers and positive energy.

Demon Flash Bandit

Friday, June 23, 2017

Movie Review and Bacon

When you enter a theater, the aroma of popcorn permeates the air.  Even the humans with their inferior odor receptors (they call them noses) can smell the popcorn.  Many  theaters no longer draw the crowds that they once enjoyed. To be realistic, the potential theater audience has dwindled  due to the wide amount of choices of entertainment enjoyed by the modern audience.  In order for the theaters to keep their doors open, I can offer a way to bring in the crowds once again. The answer is as plain as thr semi useless nose on the human:s face.  The concession stand should sell bacon.  The smell of bacon is the sweetest smell in dogdom.  Even the humans like to smell it.  Imagine sitting and watching a movie while eating bacon?  The theater would be packed.  I have decided to do a movie review on an older movie that humom watched recently
This is an unlikely love story between a rich socialite and a poor carpenter with 4 "active" sons and a dog.    In the beginning the socialite  was even more of a diva than Angel Zoom Smokey.  In fact, most people like Angel Zoom Smokey.  No one really liked the socialite  If you are in the mood to watch a light hearted love story, this is a good choice.

Demon Flash Bandit