Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Most Comfortable Seat Saved for the Dog!

I have run across yet another brilliant and practical must-have item for dogs which I will share in today's blog. That item is a seat saver. Yes, fake spilled food that you can put on a seat to "save" it for you so that no one takes it when you have to leave for a few minutes. This is such a genius idea that I would love to meet the dog who invented it. You know how the humans think they should get the most comfortable seats and leave the dogs the least comfortable ones or the dog has to sit on the floor? With this new product, a dog can put the item on the seat of his choice, and come back whenever he wants to because the humans will avoid sitting on a seat that has ice cream, etc. spilled all over it. Thus, when the dog returns to the seat, he can move the fake food, and he has the best chair in the place. I'm sure the humans could use it too, but why tell them about it? I think if dogs keep the secret, the humans will never know because they aren't the brightest tools in the shed. Yes, a dog can go out in public, pick out a seat, save it with a seat saver, go the the concession stand to get some food, and come back to the same comfortable seat he chose before he left to get some treats. For those dogs who want to order this product, the address is:
This is a product that all dogs will want to own!

Demon Flash Bandit (Genius Product for Saving Seats)

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