Friday, August 26, 2011

Make Mine a Diamond Shaped Egg

Astronomers have made the announcement that there is a planet that might be one big diamond. Jewelers are presently making plans to build a spaceship to go and get the diamond. I'm just wondering where they plan to put it because it would be one BIG diamond! I personally was not excited over this news. If they discover a planet made solely of bacon, then I will be interested in going there. Bacon happens to be delicious, but except for the dog I read about in the news yesterday who ate some diamonds, most of us dogs don't think diamonds taste that good. It is amazing just how much the humans will pay for shiny things. I even saw on the news that a jewelry store was robbed by a group of clowns (maybe it was that Joker character from the Batman movie). The joke was on the robbers since the jewelry they stole was fake. I bet when they got it home, they were not happy to find that out. If you want to read the details, here is the address:

I have always refused to eat eggs, but I know a lot of dogs do like them (including Angel Zoom Smokey) so I like to share interesting things I discover while doing research for my blog. Today I found an egg cuber on which allows eggs to be square. I suppose it is to make them easier to eat, but who knows why the humans come up with some of these products? A dog would never waste time inventing a gadget like that since the dog would just eat the egg as is. We don't worry a lot about how the food looks-we are more concerned with taste. Anyway, if you want something that will make eggs square, be sure and go to the this address: I think I might order this product and then stick the square egg under a hen. I bet that would be one really freaked out chicken.

Demon Flash Bandit (Diamond Shaped Eggs Would be Cool)

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