Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Star Trek Theme Park To Be Built

I saw some exciting news today from Jordon. A new 'Star Trek' theme park will be opening there in the future. Since I am a fan of Star Trek, this dog thinks it would make a cool place to visit. I'm hoping that it will allow dogs since one of the Star Trek's main stars and also the captain on the television show, Star Trek Enterprise, was Porthos---and Porthos is a dog. I know some of the humans are going to say that Porthos was not captain in that show, that it was some human named Archer, but do you really think Star Fleet would put a human in such an important career? In fact, all the "captains" were dogs. In earlier shows, they didn't mention the dogs because a lot of humans watch those shows and they didn't think the humans years ago could handle the truth. Anyway, I hope that I can attend this park because I know I would have a great time there. It is about time the humans decided to build a park dedicated to Star Trek. I wonder if a dog suggested it. Most of the "humans" best ideas come from their dogs. For those who are interested and would like to read more about it, I am going to share the web address so you can read more about the details of the park.

I read that it is supposed to be hot in a lot of areas of the United States. I hope everyone remembers to drink a lot of liquids and try to stay in where it is cooler. It is days like today when I really appreciate the dog who invented air conditioning!

Demon Flash Bandit (Star Trek Theme Park Is Cool Idea)

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