Sunday, August 7, 2011

Han Solo Ice Trays

For those of you who are Star Wars fans, I have a product to share with you that is not only fun, but also practical. That item is a Han Solo ice tray. Yes, you can now have your drinks cooled with ice that looks like Han Solo frozen in carbonite. For those of you who are interested in this product, it can be found at this website among others: To see the product, you need to scroll down the page because there are other products listed on the page as well. This would also be a great gift item for the Star Wars fan on a gift list. There will also be a R2D2 ice tray for those who are fans of the little robot. This brings me to an important point. I know if I were buying a novelty ice tray, I would want it to be shaped like dogs--not like Star Wars characters. Perhaps that nice dog that starred in Pirates of the Carribean would make a cool ice cube tray. I know I would want to buy it if it were manufactured. I certainly would prefer dog shaped ice over stupid robot shaped ice.

News from the ComicCon is that there is going to be some new Star Wars toys released soon. I think that the humans who market the Star Wars toys deserve a lot of credit. They have been out for decades and they are still finding new ones to issue. In fact, I've heard some rumors that the action figures have been released for so long that the next group are going to have a nursing home playset and be dressed in hospital gowns. Judging from how long the toys have been marketed, those characters must be at least 100 years old by now. I've heard that the Millenium Falcon no longer goes over 10 miles per hour and the left blinker is usually left on the entire time. I like Han Solo, but he isn't a spring chicken anymore. Speaking of chickens, that is what I plan to have for dinner. I hope my human realizes this fact and gets busy roasting it for me. Otherwise, since it is in the freezer, I will be eating a chickensickle. I had to eat dog food yesterday, and had it not been a Beneful prepared meal, I would have went on a hunger strike.
What human invented dog food anyway? That human should be executed for crimes against dogs.

I hope all my readers are having a nice weekend, and remember, if you go to the website I suggested and place your order, you can watch Han Solo melt as you drink your next beverage.

Demon Flash Bandit (Practical Star Wars Item)

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