Friday, August 5, 2011

Rowan Atkinson in Car Accident

I'm happy to report that Rowan Atkinson was not seriously injured in his recent car accident. He is a very talented actor, and I enjoy his work. Whether as Mr. Bean or Blackadder (I particularly enjoyed Blackadder in its World War 1 episodes), this dog loves watching him. For those citizens of the United States who are unfamiliar with his other roles, I am going to share a skit from his Live show. For those who wish to view it, the address is:

I'm sorry he had the accident, and I'm sure that his insurance company is probably sorrier than anyone else since the car is a million dollar car. I bet the insurance agent is highly upset over the claim. I know that a car that is in a movie or television show is worth more money, but who would have thought that Mr. Bean's Mini Cooper with the padlock on the door is worth so much money? The news said that the car is one of 65 made so I can only assume that the padlock makes it worth more than the Mini Coopers with the factory locks on the doors. I can only imagine what the car would be worth if Mr. Bean drove an expensive sports car instead. There were no details of the accident, but it is possible that the car was damaged when he pushed a parked car out of the parking spot he wanted which is something that Mr. Bean does so much that I'm sure he is quite the expert at doing so by now.

I hope that he has no premanent pain from the accident, and I hope to be seeing him in new shows very soon!

Demon Flash Bandit (Rowan Atkinson--Talented Actor)

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