Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Injustice to Dogs!

Normally, I am not a fan of birds, and I am constantly warning all my readers that birds are evil creatures who cause global warming by stealing snow. However, my hatred of birds does not apply to penguins largely because these birds don't steal snow because they live in areas with lots of snow and they love snow as much as I do. They are also cute and I love the way they waddle around when they are on land. There is a website set up by Disney that is called Club Penguin. I assume it is for children. I am not a member, but evidently, when you join, you can play games and generally have fun on the site. There is a membership fee and since I'm not a member, I have no idea if the site is worth the cost, but this dog does love all the lovely snow on the site. My big question is why is there no game site for dogs? I'd consider joining a husky club or a dog club. It could have games like "chase the squirrel", and "find the treasure in the garbage". Sure, it would be more fun actually doing those things, but when a dog is stuck in the house and can't enjoy chasing a squirrel in person, it would be a fun alternative. I think dogs are often left out of fun activities like that because the humans think we aren't intelligent enough to be on the computer. Excuse me, but how many children can write a blog like I am writing and yet they have sites for them. All us dogs know that it takes human children a long time to even learn to walk and yet dogs are treated like we aren't smart. It is an injustice against dogs as usual, and this dog has to bark out about such injustices!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Blogger)

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