Thursday, September 1, 2011

Queen Elizabeth Needs a Gardener

Saturday Night Live did a very funny skit about a man who is calling 911 for help. For those who missed it, go to this address to view the video:
Since it has a dog in the video, this makes it an excellent video which has the Demon Flash Bandit seal of approval!

According to news reports, there is another river under the Amazon River in South America. Boaters are lining up to rent marina space on that river. It is perfect for the humans who sunburn easily since it is underground and out of the sun.

In other news, the Queen Lady, Queen Elizabeth II needs a gardener for one of her castles. The gardener must know how to garden, and not crack up too much when he sees a funny looking hat (because you know Kate will be visiting on occasion and she loves to wear hats). I was a bit disappointed because, with the royal family having to watch their money, I thought at least one of them might be able to get out and use the riding mower to cut the grass. I guess I was wrong. Evidently, their main job is to be available for photo opportunities and wear silly hats. I'd make a great royal dog. I look good in photos, and I like to take naps. However, I don't like to wear hats!

Demon Flash Bandit (Call me King Demon Flash Bandit)

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