Monday, September 5, 2011

Comparing: PCs and Apples

Today I am going to compare 2 products as a public service to my readers. I am going to compare the regular PC computer to the Apple computer. I happen to use a PC so I am very familiar with the system. I am not a "computer dog" so this will be an evaluation based on ease of use and how I personally feel about each computer. The PC I am using is a windows 7 which is the computer that is after windows 6, but before windows 8. I wanted the dog friendly one I saw advertised earlier this year, but evidently, that was a joke. I will admit that my secretary does most of the work on the computer, but I do play a couple of games on the Internet. Since I am already familiar with the regular PC computer, I really don't need to spend much time on research using it. However, I did get an Apple computer, and use it for several hours to get a feel for the ease of its use. I've heard that it is better for art, but I like to do my art work with my paw and not on the computer so that part didn't really matter to me. I bet all of you are anxious to see my results, and here they are....drum roll please....the PC is better. I found that the apple was very slow on the Internet, and I didn't think the keyboard was particularly user friendly. I tried to be as fair as possible, but I have to admit that I've never found Mcintosh to be particularly tasty--it is too bitter. I personally prefer Royal Gala or Fuji because they are much sweeter. Perhaps if Apple would concentrate on those apple types instead of the Mcintosh, I would be able to give it a better rating. In Apple's favor, it is much cheaper. You can buy them for less than $1.00 a pound so the price does make them tempting. For those of you who already own an Apple, I would suggest that you try to avoid eating it until all your compuer work is done. When you are left with only the core, it no longer works and you will be stuck without a computer. I will admit that PCs do not taste good, and I do not recommend eating them when you are done with your work. I hope this has been helpful for my readers who might be thinking about buying a new computer. It always makes me feel good to be of service to my readers.

Demon Flash Bandit (Comparing Computer Systems)

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  1. We thought about going the fruit route but the green paper$ didn't pawmit it -

    As fur apples, they have to be khrisp!

    If they are mealy or mushy, Mom and I both spit them out!