Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Family Who Spends $200,000 a Year on Food!

I have a new award for human stupidity in the field of economics. I am calling it the Demon Flash Bandit Award for Humans Who Should Not Be Allowed to Handle Finances Because They are Incredibly Stupid. The first recipient of my award goes to Congressman Fleming, a member of the Tea Party, for stating that he can't afford to pay more taxes because he only makes $600,000 a year, and it takes $200,000 a year to feed his family. I can only assume that his family must be super big eaters to spend so much of the money on food. His logic is that he needs $400,000 to create new jobs. It seems he has businesses that make millions every year, but much of that money goes to pay employees, business costs, etc. I'm wondering how this moron can run successful Subway franchises when he pays so much for food for his family. If he is in charge of buying the supplies, the Subways he owns must be losing money. I have a better idea for fixing the economy.....let him pay more taxes, and let some of those people who he wants to continue paying to work for him (probably at minimum wage) actually be the ones to create new jobs. There are plenty of innovative new businesses that end up employing far more people than fast food franchises at better pay. In the long run, it would do Congressman Fleming a big favor because it is obvious to this dog that the stress of trying to keep so many people employed is getting to him. In fact, I think the stress of getting dressed in the morning must be getting to him. This is why I don't care for Tea Party conservatives. This guy is not "conservative" with tax payer money.....he is just selfishly trying to get more for himself, and acting like he is doing everyone a favor in the process. I hope his constituents decide to send him back to his old job when it is time for reelection. There are way too many idiots running the country!

Demon Flash Bandit (Giving Out a New Award)

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