Friday, September 30, 2011

I'll Try a Bacon Scented Candle!

Most of the time when the humans burn candles around here, they have flowery scents. Sure, some of them smell like vanilla and that is okay, but many of them smell like lilacs, roses, etc. I saw that a young man has taken matters into his own paws, and has come up with some manly scents. Personally, I don't care about buying a candle that smells like dirt or sawdust. However, a candle that smells like bacon has my paw of approval. In fact, I think a lot of dogs would enjoy smelling a bacon scented candle. Of course, I think we would enjoy the smell of actual bacon more. I doubt that a candle tastes very good. I'll admit that I have never tried one, and I don't plan to eat one to test out my theory, but I do think that candles don't really taste like their scent. I suppose that is because they aren't really food, and were never meant to be eaten. Perhaps if the humans invented edible candles, then dogs would enjoy them more. For those readers who want to know more about bacon scented candles, here is the website:

Demon Flash Bandit (Fan of Bacon)

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