Sunday, September 18, 2011

McDonalds Employee Has Attitude Problem

I have often said that some of the humans should not have the jobs they have, and I think this video proves my point.
Evidently, some McDonalds customers have taken the ice cream cones they order by the ice cream instead of from the bottom cone. This is supposed to be a hilarious (not in my opinion) prank. Personally, as long as the customer pays for the ice cream--if they want to make a mess in their car, I don't really see why the employee at McDonalds would care one way or the other. I am sharing this to illustrate a point that this dog has noticed about the humans. The humans are always trying to tell the other humans how to live. The really sad thing about it is that very often the humans offering the most advice are the ones whose lives are the biggest messes. My assumption is that misery loves company. Anyway, if I were running McDonalds, that employee would be in big trouble. In fact, I would probably fire that employee because their job is to sell the product--not to dictate what the customer does with the product. I don't care if they buy it and throw it away, once it is paid for, it is theirs. Sure, some of the customers are stupid, but that is their problem. As Ron White said in one of his stand up routines, "you can't fix stupid", which probably explains a lot about the humans. We dogs know that life is difficult enough solving our own problems so we don't go around telling other dogs what to do as much--except to let them know to leave our stuff alone. If only the humans were as smart as us dogs! The saddest thing about this video is that I think that the employee is a manager--this is the kind of employee that gets promoted to deal with customers? Again, if I were running McDonalds, I'd be investigating that entire restaurant.

Demon Flash Bandit (Observing Human Behavior)

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