Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse Insurance

Sometimes a dog has to spend some time getting his business affairs in order. Sure, it is a boring task, but nonetheless, a task that must be done from time to time. It is also a time when a dog has to decide whether he needs to purchase more insurance or if the amount of insurance he already has is sufficient. This is when I realized that if there is ever an attack by zombies, I am not covered for any damages that I incur due to the zombies. Because I have talked to other dogs, and found out that none of them have zombie insurance, I am writing this blog in order to make sure that all my readers will make sure they sign up for a policy. Don't assume that your other insurance will cover damage caused by zombies. I'm sure they probably have a clause that gets them out of paying for that kind of damage. Be sure and go to this site:
When you sign up for zombie insurance, you no longer have to worry because, if zombies take over, you are covered financially for any and all damages they cause. I know it makes me sleep better at night. If I hear a garbage can knocked over, and I realize that a zombie might be running around the neighborhood; I can close my eyes and remember that I am insured for any and all damaged done by zombies.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Zombie Insurance)

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