Thursday, September 8, 2011

Court Planet Television

When the moon hits your eye Like a big-a pizza pie That's amore. This is the start of a song, but this song makes no sense to this dog so I am re-writing it in a more up-dated fashion. When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie, that's a lawsuit. This brings me to my point for today. When did the mooon start assaulting people and who does one sue when it happens? In this case, do you sue the moon itself which seems useless since the moon has no money. Do you sue the man in the moon since he must be in control? Do you sue the pizzaria for allowing them to hit you with a pizza--or is the whole pizza thing figurative? Do you sue in court here on Earth or is there some court planet where you can take the case. Can you watch it on television like the court shows? I can just see it now.....Judge Yakayak from the planet Zeldoid is the judge for today's case which will be heard right after this message from our sponsor....Moon Mist from the nice humans at Faygo. It tastes like mists from the moon. Then of course, someone will be writing a newspaper article asking which moon they are talking about since there are moons on other planets. Wait...the commercial is over...Judge Yahayak is speaking. Hello space people, the case today is about the Moon hitting an Earth person in the eye. The first witness is....Mr. Pepperoni Pizza. Swear him in....Mr. Pizza swears on some moon rocks that he will tell the truth, the entire truth, and nothing but the best ingredients truth. The trial is then interrupted by a riot in which the hungry people in court decide to eat Mr. Pizza. The case is dismissed due to lack of witnesses, and the moon got by with hitting the Earthling in the eye. The whole purpose of this blog is to warn my readers....if the moon starts heading for you, you had better move out of the way. No one wants to get hit in the eye like a big pizza pie. I know....I sent out a survey, and only 10% like to be hit in the eye like that. The other 90% want the moon to mind its own business.

Demon Flash Bandit (Warning About the Moon)

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