Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Tax on "Moon Based" Businesses

Dominos Pizza has plans to open the first restaurant on the moon. Personally, I don't think this is a wise business move since no one lives on the moon so who is going to patronize the restaurant? However, it would make perfect sense if there were aliens or indigenous moon people living there. They could inhabit the side of the moon that you can't see from Earth, and no one would know except maybe the astronauts which might explain why they quit going to the moon. Maybe they met a bunch of annoying aliens who didn't act friendly? Of course, I will assume that they quit going because it cost a lot of money, and there really isn't much going on there. I know the humans don't have a dog's brain power, but I don't think the humans running Dominos would be dumb enough to build a restaurant which would cost a lot of money yet get no business so it does make a dog wonder if there are things going on with the moon that are being kept secret. Perhaps there are aliens on the moon, and they are getting tired of having to come all the way to Earth to pick up their dinner. Perhaps Dominos has done marketing research showing that they are open to having a pizza place open on the moon. If so, then maybe the aliens love pizza as much as most of the humans. If this is true, then I hope the aliens know what they are getting into. First Dominos, then McDonalds, and then before you know it, the moon will have so many businesses on it that it will no longer need the light from the sun to light it up at night--Earth will be able to see all the lights from all the businesses. I suppose there is one advantage to having a business on the moon--since no country seems to have legal control, I have to assume that the "moon" businesses don't have to pay taxes on the profit. I bet that is the real reason Dominos is heading for the moon--it is the newest way for a company to avoid paying tax.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Moon Businesses)

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